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Child development and how can physiotherapy help

Watching a child grow and develop is truly amazing. Within a couple of years, a child can go from being cradled in your arms to walking on their own. Along with physical development and growth, children also develop in other ways, including socially and emotionally. Speech and language goes from babbling to short sentences. Children start to recognise individuals and interact through facial expressions. They learn how to greet by waving hello and goodbye. Children develop at such a rate that can change from week to week, or even day to day.

Each child is unique in that no 2 children develop in the same way, nor at the same time. Many years ago, there was an expectation that a typical child must achieve their milestones before a specific age, such as crawl before 9 months or walk before 12 months. The World Health Organisation has conducted studies that demonstrate typically developing children can start sitting on their own anywhere from 3-9 months of age or start to walk independently from 8-18 months of age.

In short, children will develop at their own pace. Our roles as parents & caregivers is to encourage and stimulate their development. For young babies, supervised tummy time is a great way to stimulate physical development. Encouraging table-top play is another great way to promote development if you think your child is almost ready to stand and walk.

There are of course, some things to look out for when it comes to delayed development. For example, if your child is not sitting alone by 12 months or walking by 2 years of age. Another important thing to monitor is if your baby is “floppy” and lies on their back with limited arm and leg movement. If this sounds familiar, you should have your child seen by a healthcare professional. This will ensure your child is on the right path or help take the necessary steps to help with their development.

Paediatric Physiotherapy specialises in helping promote physical activity for typically developing children, as well children with disabilities. They are also trained to identify potential issues associated with delays in achieving milestones. If a developmental concern is playing on your mind, please get in touch with us at Trapezius Paediatric Physiotherapy in Milton Keynes. Email: or simply call on: 07923552862. We provide physiotherapy in a clinic, as well as provide home visits.

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