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Free Consultation!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Suffering from injury or pain? We are NOW offering FREE phone consultations from Trapezius Physiotherapy Clinic to discuss your situation and support you back to healthy movement! To book your free phone consultation please complete this FORM and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

During the consultation we will:

  • Discuss possible causes of injury

  • Discuss prevention methods

  • Talk about your general health, fitness and wellbeing

  • Offer best solutions

It would be helpful if you could think about the following before your consultation:

  • What caused your pain/injury?

  • When did your condition start?

  • What movements and activities aggravates (makes it worse) your pain?

  • Previous injuries

  • Do you currently take part in sport / leisure activity? What is the frequency of your involvement?

  • Have you had any treatment for this condition before?

  • Your medical history and any medication.

All of our treatments are individually tailored to suit your needs. After your consultation you will be able to discuss the best plan for you. Treatment options include advice and education on the problem and a bespoke exercise programme to address movement quality and function pertaining to you. This can also be reinforced by manual therapy as well as mobilisation and exercise techniques.

Once your FREE consultation is complete, you can choose to visit our Covid secure clinic in person, or opt for another video call for your first assessment. Your Well-being is important to us!

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