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Women of all ages during pregnancy, postnatally, menopause and in later life often are experiencing unwanted conditions such as:

· Pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PGP);

· Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD);

· Pelvic Organ Prolapse;

· Incontinence;

· Pain;

· Headackes.

Many women are unsure of where to go for help or are not aware that Physiotherapy treatment may be hugely beneficial for these kind of problems or for enhancing your body's ability to have a smoother pregnancy and birth and may reduce or even resolve their symptoms. A proactive strength, flexibility and stabilization program can be beneficial in preventing or decreasing the intensity of painful or uncomfortable symptoms.

Our aim is to empower women, giving them back control over their health and improving their quality of life. A good program will take both an active, exercise based approach, as well as a passive one. We want to improve awareness of physiotherapy, enabling women to understand that there are options available other than relying on incontinence pads or drastically changing their lifestyle (for example: stopping exercise) as a form of self-management. The ultimate goal is to educate the our patients so that they can be independent in their program and continue to treat themselves at their own convenience.

Trapezius Physiotherapy may have the following benefits to your symptoms:

· Reducing pain;

· Improving quality of life;

· Improving your ability to exercise or perform other activities of daily life;

· Reducing stress incontinence (leakage on cough/laugh/sneeze/impact activity)

· Reducing your need to urinate frequently;

· Reducing the symptoms of prolapse;

· Reducing pain or discomfort during sex.

Call or contact us via email or FB and book Your appointment today! :)

P.s. Available even on weekends.

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