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1920 Evil Returns 1080p Movie Torrent halegera




Not bad for a first feature, albeit very much of a cameo role. I got a charge out of watching this feature-length debut. There is some good camera work and the film has a bit of style. The opening credits are long but not ridiculous like so many contemporary films. 1912, a year before the Titanic, The White Star Line's latest venture, the Olympic is severely damaged by a typhoon in the middle of her maiden voyage.The crew is in disarray, and the captain is constantly being called away from the ship to deal with smaller problems. Our main characters, though, are the three Olympic cabin boys. When they, along with their bumbling, incompetent and often irresponsible captain, come face to face with the very real possibility of an iceberg, they embark on a journey to save the ship and themselves, leaving their lives behind them. At least, that's the plan. On the surface, however, this is no more than an episode of Celebrity Survivor. Twenty-four interesting, likeable, often hilarious characters are thrown together on a ship and each contestant on a separate island, with an unlimited supply of food and water and any manner of entertainment they desire. The first thing that drew me to this film was the voice-over. The director's intro gives away that he's an old navy man. Also, in the spirit of a big-budget Hollywood film, the journey is very linear and the characters act much like players on a game show. The film stars Ernie Fosselius, Robert Shaw and Ron Rifkin. I was initially skeptical of the film as I've seen them perform in the other films, and I expected the same. However, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. From the opening shot, we see the boys singing a song while their captain sits in the wheelhouse. This scene is the strongest moment of the film. The dialogue is adequate, the plot is as I'd expected, but this first moment with the boys is simply very touching and very funny. Throughout the film the boys are quite engaging and I never doubted that they would be able to save the ship and themselves. The boys, captained by 'captain' Harold, and the girls, captained by 'captain' Clara, are a lot of fun to watch. They are completely aware of their surroundings and use that knowledge to their advantage. Even the crew members realize what's going on and they are very funny as well. They




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1920 Evil Returns 1080p Movie Torrent halegera

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