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I visited Trapezius Physiotherapy Clinic because I play a lot of sports and my body was feeling very sore and fatigued. After just one session with one of the extremely attentive physiotherapists my body felt completely resorted to its optimal condition. If you are like me and you play a lot of sports, or if you feel that your body is not performing the way it should... you must visit Trapezius Physiotherapy Clinic!

Maggie Mook Godfrey


Whether it be for a loosening massage or rehab for an injury, Trapezius really know their stuff!  They helped me with my bad shoulder/neck and I was able to return to pain-free training very quickly.  Highly recommend them - professional and friendly!

I can highly recommend this pair, they helped my identify the cause of my injury that the so-called doctors/professors totally missed and now I'm finally recovering.

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